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I've been attending Karen's Pilate's for over two years and thoroughly enjoy it. My posture, strength and flexibility have improved dramatically. Classes with Karen are small, non~ intimidating, convenient and energising. I've made many friends and we enjoy the high level of expertise, dedication and positive atmosphere that Karen creates in her classes.   I highly recommend Karen's Pilate's to anyone of any age.

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Karen's pilates class is the highlight of my week. Her classes improve flexibility, strength and tone, and end with relaxation. I come out of her class feeling uncurled. And I can now touch my toes, which I haven't been able to do since I was a child! (Flexibility was never my strong point ... until now.)

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I just want to thank you for the beautiful online Pilates classes in 2023, they've really improved my strength, posture and flexibility. As I live in two places, the online version means I can join in from wherever I am.


Karen is a lovely, positive, encouraging teacher who makes pilates enjoyable. I noticed a difference in my abdominal strength after only one class and now can't imagine life without it. As well as abdominals all the other core muscles are worked on with different routines each week. Highly recommend Karen's Pilates!

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Karen is a terrific Pilates instructor.  Her classes are structured to give a varied range of pilates exercises that are challenging but never boring.  I definitely come out of class feeling physically re-charged.  Try it and you'll see why it is worth coming back !!

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First of all, I  believe that Karen runs her  classes in a very fun and professional way .She makes it easy to follow instructions and  tells us exactly what parts of the body we are working on. She always reminds us to breathe which I think is fantastic as it is fundamental to Pilates .One more thing that impressed me was that she always remember everyone’s name!!!!!I love coming to her classes!!

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Being a mother with health issues has made it difficult for me to exercise, but after finding Karen’s Pilates I haven’t looked back!!  I am in my second year now with improved flexibility, strength and general wellbeing.  I look forward to every class because it’s ME TIME!!  Karen is such an understanding and motivating teacher.  I would recommend Karen’s Pilates to anyone and I do.

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I was lucky enough to win four Pilates classes with Karen in a school raffle. I can't believe that I was going to give these away, as I had never taken a Pilates class before and had no intention of doing.  So, I was having a few health problems and was talking about these to friends who recommended Pilates as a remedy. After my first class I felt great and slept wonderful that night. After a few more classes I began to notice the difference in myself and am beginning to understand how inner core strength is definitely helping my health problems. But all that aside I love my classes that I take and leave feeling relaxed and recharged. Thanks heaps Karen!

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